Remake of classic Pinchcliffe Grand Prix to be released on Steam and on Nintendo Switch

Zordix Publishing announced the return of another classic game. Pinchcliffe Grand Prix, also known as Flรฅklypa Grand Prix, was once considered Norway‘s foremost achievement in RS and Nintendo DS games. Now we are waiting for its remake.

Ravn Studios and Invictus Games have created a 3D remake of the classic game on Unreal Engine and are going to release it on Steam and Nintendo Switch on 4 November. The game is originally based on feature-length cartoon โ€œPinchcliffe Grand Prixโ€, based on a series of books by Norwegian cartoonist Kjell Aukrust.

The film proved incredibly popular: Norway’s population of about five million people bought 5. 5 million tickets for it.

the melancholy hedgehog Ludwig and the optimistic magpie Solan Gundersen. Players have to race, play minigames and go through a story-driven campaign in which friends build an Il Tempo Gigante machine to compete in the Grand Prix.

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