Remake of Destoy All Humans! for Nintendo Switch announced with a sequel remake teaser

THQ Nordic ahead of the announcement of Destroys remake of All Humans! for Nintendo Switch wrote a message on Twitter with a hint of part two: โ€œWhat brings together the Destroy All Humans remake! and number 2? โ€œ. As it turned out a few minutes later, that soon to evaluate the game will be possible on two joikons (main Switch gamepads), and not what many thought – however, probably in jest was just part of the joke. First, THQ Nordic has already hinted at the second part, and secondly, recently the German foundation allocated the studio Black Forest Games money to the game with the working title Project Cattleprod 2 โ€” it is extremely likely that this is just a remake of the sequel Destroy All Humans! A release is scheduled for fall 2022.

A! And the first part on the Nintendo Switch will appear on June 29. More on CCeit Arkane postponed Deathloop until September Role Survivor Highrisers is released May 6 CAIR asks Valve, Sony and Microsoft not to release Six Days in Fallujah on their platforms.