Remake of The Last of Us, The Callisto Protocol, Layers of Fears, Warhammer and other news from SGF 2022

Today, the opening ceremony of Summer Game Fest 2022 took place, where developers presented trailers of their new and already announced projects: from the remake of The Last of Us and The Callisto Protocol to Layers of Fears, Marvel‘s Midnight Suns and Goat Simulator 3. Collected the most interesting things in this post! The show began with the Street Fighter 6 gameplay trailer, which featured some playable characters. The roaster with them was a duck not so long ago.

The fighting game will be released in 2023. The announcement of a new Aliens game took place – the debut trailer for Aliens: Dark Descent, which will be released in 2023, has been published.

A single-player game based on the iconic Aliens series. Players will have to take control of a squad of soldiers and stop the xenomorphs’ invasion in real time.

A creepy (almost new) trailer for The Callisto Protocol, the horror creator, is presented Dead Space, which will be released on December 2. The Callisto Protocol‘s first and rather bloody gameplay has been published.

Part of the video takes place in the medical wing of the space prison, from where the hero tries to escape. In the video, the protagonist fights off terrible monsters with might and main.

And the audience was shown a terrible way in which a character can die – everything in the spirit of the same Dead Space. They showed the first gameplay video of the upcoming Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, which will be released October 28.

A nostalgic mission, which first takes place on an offshore platform and then on a ship. Introduced the debut Flashback 2 trailer – the classic is back! Witchfire developers have finally presented a new gameplay trailer.

Announced the fantastic horror Fort Solis, which was worked on, among others, by Roger Clark (Arthur Morgan in Red Dead Redemption 2) and Troy Baker. We are waiting for another terrible space adventure with dangerous enemies and nightmarish discoveries.

The heroes will travel to Mars: they have received a request for help from a remote colony, and they need to find out what happened there. And the final will depend on our actions.

The trailer for the fantastic long-term horror Routine, on the soundtrack of which Mick Gordon (DOOM, Prey) worked on, has been published. The game is created for Xbox and PC.

Players will find themselves in an abandoned lunar base, trying to find out the causes of the horrors that occurred – and earlier the authors promised that from the start of the project, users will be able to visit all parts of the station. Judging by the new trailer, creepy androids will be waiting in some of its sectors.

Veterans of Warcraft 3 and StarCraft II, teamed up in the Frost Giant studio, announced a shareware strategy in real-time Stormgate. The beta starts next year.

Stormgate takes place in a war with alien invaders. Players will enjoy a story campaign that can be played alone or with friends, a number of online PvP modes, including dueling, and cooperative battles againstartificial intelligence.

Atmospheric Highwater announced about adventures during a global flood. The game will be released in 2022.

No, this is not Dead Island 2, but the crazy Goat Simulator 3! The game should be released this fall on PC (EGS), Xbox and PlayStation. Introduced a new trailer for the tactical strategy Marvel’s Midnight Suns, where Spider-Man and Venom collided.

The game is coming on October 7th! In the trailer, Venom fights against the demon mother Lilith, but falls under her influence – and a group of heroes with Spider-Man and Ghost Rider will have to face him and others adversaries. Which will be difficult, because it seems that Lilith managed to subdue the Hulk.

Trailer for the upcoming large-scale expansion for Cuphead. The Delicious Last Course with a new heroine, a new island and bosses will be released on June 30.

Midnight Fight action trailer, which is only one person working on. The game will be released on August 23.

The studio that created Genshin Impact presented the trailer for the recently presented Zenless Zone Zero action. And another game from the same studio is the futuristic action role-playing Honkai: Star Rail.

New TMNT trailer: Shredder‘s Revenge confirms that the bitemap will really be released on June 16. Humankind’s new strategy video reports that the game will be released on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox on November 4 Series.

And will immediately appear in Game Pass. One Piece Odyssey will be released this year – the gameplay trailer of the game is published.

Full of cool music, the Metal Hellsinger gameplay trailer, which will be released on 15 September. New atmospheric trailer for the fantastic Nightingale survival game with a card system.

The creators of the SAINTS ROW restart again remind you of what character customization will be in the game (and not only). And yes, the developers have released a free game about customizing Boss Factory.

Everyone can experience the widest possibilities of creating characters, from physique to tooth color. The editor allows you to choose tattoos, lip shapes, cosmetics, scars and even prostheses.

For your boss, you can choose clothes of any color and set the desired emotions. The gameplay trailer for the Warhammer 40,000: Darktide cooperative action has been published, which will be released on September 13.

Players will explore the hive city of Tertium, which is mired in filth โ€” a local cult of heretics wants to seize power on the planet, which, of course, cannot be allowed to happen. And in battles with unfaithful hordes of enemies, not only guns, but also melee melee weapons will help.

Bloober Team, as expected, announced a new Layers of Fear – a horror game called Layers of Fears on Unreal Engine 5. The game will be released in early 2023.

We will once again have to relive the stories of artists obsessed with their craft with a passion that goes beyond reason and common sense. But they will have an expanded storyline and updated gameplay.

The creators of Gotham Knights dedicated a fresh video to Nightwing. The superhero action movie will be released on October 25.

Neil Druckmann showed the concept art of the multiplayer project on The Last of Us. More about the gameThey will tell next year.

In addition, they showed a shot from the series on The Last of Us for HBO with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsay. And yes, Naughty Dog confirmed that the remake of The Last of Us will be released on September 2 on PS5, and then on PC.

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