“Remarkable: Ramos called with federal president about Barça advantage in arbitration”

Sergio Ramos made regular calls to Federal President Luis Rubiales during his time in Real Madrid. El Confidencial revelations show that Ramos had a lot of power in the Spanish football world and complained about the arbitration, which the defender said acted in favor of FC Barcelona.
The Spanish medium recently leaked phone calls in which Ramos and Rubiales are in conversation. In the 2018-2019 season, FC Barcelona became champion, but during the season Ramos called the chairman after the game with Leganés. According to the Spanish vedette, Barcelona received a decision. Rubi, were starting to worry about the VAR, especially when it comes to Barcelona, Ramos would have said.
s a big shame and the referees dont know how to deal with it, Ramos continued. Did you see Luis Suárezs offence on the goalkeeper in the 2-1? Its laughable. Rubiales tried to calm Ramos down. Better than anyone else, you understand that there may be different opinions about a particular action. As you know, Im not involved in this kind of thing. Every day, we work to give the referees the best possible tools.
Ramos was not impressed by Rubialess response. Very politically correct of you. I was hoping for a personal opinion on that case at Barcelona yesterday. Its outrageous and now theyre just going to take the title, left or right. But I understand your point of view. Earlier in the week, a fuss arose, when Ramos asked if Rubiales could help him win the Golden Ball in another phone call.