Remarkable statements from PM Johnson: Why shouldnt we do that?

Boris Johnson has made a remarkable statement about the European playoffs for the latest World Cup tickets. The British prime minister states that Ukraines matches should all be converted into profit.
The situation in that country is well known, but that has also meant that the match between Ukraine and Scotland in the semi-final of the playoffs for the World Cup could not take place. It is now scheduled for June, but as far as Johnson is concerned, that game will not be played at all.
According to Sky Sports, he let himself out that he would love to see Ukraine be assigned a regulatory victory. “That sounds like a good idea,” said the politician. “I can
t think of a good reason why we wouldnt.”
Whether it was known to Johnson that it is precisely the Scots who are playing Ukraine is not clear. As Prime Minister of Britain, he is also responsible for the course of events in Scotland, although that country also has its own administration and can and may decide on certain rules itself.

Boris Johnson says giving Ukraine a bye to the World Cup finals “sounds like a good idea” and he “cant think of a good reason why not”. May have slipped his mind theyre drawn to play Scotland in the qualifiers…
— Paul Kelso (@pkelso) March 24, 2022