Remkes and Koolmees new informers, Kooltit not in next cabinet

VVD‘er Johan Remkes and D66’er Wouter Koolmees become the new informers. The VVD and D66 groups have announced that in the House of Representatives. D66 leader Kaag immediately announced that Kooltit will be resigning as minister and will not return to a future cabinet as minister.

Today, the Parliamentary debate will be voted on these talks with informer Remkes. The proposals are expected to be approved by a parliamentary majority of at least VVD, D66, CDA and ChristenUnie. These are the four parties to negotiate a new cabinet.

Remkes and Koolmees must investigate whether a majority cabinet can be formed with these parties.

Remkes, who is also the king‘s acting commissioner in Limburg, has been an informator in recent weeks. Last Thursday, he released his final report. Great tit, also demissionary minister of social affairs, was a ‘scout‘ for some time at the beginning of the formation.

Negotiations should start this week

The parties are supposed to start negotiations this week. It has been almost seven months after the elections and there have been many discussions in the formation, but due to several blockages and incidents it has not yet reached negotiations.

Remkes and Kooltit are both very experienced and so they were involved in the formation before. Remkes served as MP, Secretary of State, Minister, Commissioner of the King in North Holland and chairman of important committees. He was also acting mayor of The Hague for some time.

Kooltit has been Minister of Social Affairs since 2017. Before that he was a civil servant and a member of the House of Representatives He also served as chairman of the committee for this year’s Parliamentary Election Program that wrote the D66 election program.