Remkes comes with findings about the nitrogen crisis on October 5

Johan Remkes will come up with his findings in less than two weeks, on 5 October, following the discussions he had about tackling the nitrogen problem. A spokesperson says that. Remkes opinion is important to the cabinet, because the nitrogen policy is largely based on it.

The former minister was appointed interlocutor between the cabinet and various organizations, including farmers advocates. Over the past few weeks, he had several conversations in various locations in the country.

Initially, many farmers organizations did not want to join because they found the proposed restrictions unfounded. The coalition agreement agreed that nitrogen emissions should be reduced by half by 2030 and that could cost many farms. In the end, the farmers decided to participate in the talks.

Letter with perspective also later

Initially, Remkes was supposed to come up with his findings in the second half of September, but that has now been postponed to October 5.

Recently, the cabinet letter with measures to offer farmers a perspective was already postponed, because the cabinet wants to wait for Remkes.