Remkes talks to VVD, D66 and CDA outside The Hague this weekend

Informer Remkes will explore whether there can be a fruitful collaboration between VVD, D66 and CDA โ€œfrom the contentโ€. This weekend he will have discussions with the leaders of those parties and their secondants about that outside the Hague. Discussions will be held at the Zwaluwenberg estate in Hilversum.

The informer said in a brief statement that the exploration could contribute to mutual trust. In an explanatory letter, he writes that the only way to get out of the current deadlock is to examine from the content of how the Chambers assignment can be carried out to him. According to Remkes, the invitation to VVD, D66 and CDA did not say that โ€œa combination of these parties is already definedโ€.

โ€œDifferences Bridgeableโ€

He does have the idea that the substantive differences between the three groups can be bridged. โ€œThats what Im about in the first place: there must be cement in a cabinet.โ€ When asked whether the relations between the groups are not too disturbed, Remkes said that its easy โ€œif you look at it soberly, apart from the imagesโ€. According to him, a good motto is โ€œhelpers gone, and lazy people who find some of it, even a while awayโ€.

He stressed that not everyone can get their way. โ€œIf that image persists, youll never get out of this process.โ€

The informer sees the document that VVD and D66 wrote this summer as a possible starting point for his exploration, although he points out that it was โ€œwritten by two groups from a liberal vision, lack a financial framework and is limited in sizeโ€.

Remkes also wants to see how constructive cooperation can be made with PvdA, GroenLinks and ChristenUnie.

Smaller fractions

He believes it is important to know how the smaller groups also face a minority cabinet. He held discussions on this earlier today. โ€œThose were good conversations and they were constructive,โ€ he said.

The Chamber appointed Remkes as an informer last week. He needs to investigate whether a minority cabinet can be found. VVD, D66 and CDA have 72 out of 150 seats in the House of Representatives.

Zwaluwenberg used before

The Zwaluwenberg in Hilversum is used by the Inspector General of the Armed Forces. Negotiators also withdrew from previous formations, as in 2007 and 2017.

It is planned that the people involved will be in Hilversum all Saturday and Sunday this weekend and stay asleep there.