Remote control arguing flows into stabbing

A fight over a remote control ended in a stabbing in the U.S. state of Florida. One man, according to police, stabbed the other man in an apartment in the town of Titusville.

54-year-old Christopher Glynn was arrested on Monday because of the violence. Officers were summoned to the apartment and found the victim outside. He was hit in his left arm and leg, reporting American media.

In the

meantime, the killer turned out to be still in the house. The man sat on the couch with a sword and a wooden sheath next to him. He confessed to the attack immediately and said that the man was lucky he didnt hit him better.

Drinking under the table

The victim stated in the hospital that the two had been drinking. They got into a fight at one point because the suspect kept the remote control of the television โ€œonly for himself.โ€

Glynn has been charged with assault with a deadly weapon. The victim is not in mortal danger.