Repeat PvdA and GroenLinks: no minority cabinet

PvdA and GroenLinks maintain that a majority cabinet is preferred and that they do not support the formation of a minority cabinet. This morning the party leaders Ploumen and Clover told the new informer Remkes. The Chamber‘s assignment to Remkes is precisely to investigate a minority cabinet. It should consist of a combination of VVD, D66 and CDA to be determined.

Ploumen and Clover said they don’t see a role for themselves in conversations about a minority cabinet and they won‘t endup with such a cabinet either. If there is a minority cabinet, they will review the proposals when they come to the Chamber. Ploumen added that the country โ€œjust needs a stable majority cabinetโ€.

The two reiterated that they form a single fraction in the formation and that they still look at how PvdA and GroenLinks shape the further cooperation later. Ploumen and Clover have also written a letter to the informer, which they made public themselves. In it they write that PvdA and GroenLinks have been constructive and that it has surprised them that โ€œcoalition talks have been left out without any substantive reasonโ€.

Segers does not rule out new elections

Christian Union foreman Segers was also welcomed by Remkes today. He thinks this will have been his last interview with the informer for the time being, because he is not directly involved in the formation. Segers did say he will be constructive and assessing plans of a new cabinet on the content. If a vote of no confidence is tabled immediately after the office has taken office, the Christian Union will not vote for it.

Segers thinks it should be possible for VVD and D66 to come out together. But he does acknowledge that the School lecture by D66 leader Kaag, in which she was highly critical of Rutte, didn’t make things easier. Unlike a few weeks ago, the Christian Union leader will no longer rule out the need for new elections.

Segers has told Remkes that it really needs to be accelerated and that VVD, D66 and CDA should start substantive discussions. According to him, it‘s not about whether you like each other, but whether you can come out on the content and whether you can collaborate fruitfully with the House of Representatives.

Hammer: Make use of previous conversations

Remkes also spoke to his predecessor as an informer, Hamer. She stressed that there was a lot of talk about the content under her leadership, but that there was no real negotiation. โ€œI hope that everything that is already in place will be used, otherwise we will spend even more time.โ€

Hamer said that there is really another phase in the formation. โ€œIt makes sense to make quick decisions about the parties that are going to form a minority cabinet. If that doesn’t work out, look at what‘s going on.โ€

According to Hamer, it is now important that VVD foreman Rutte, as the leader of the largest party, offers the others’ comfort ‘. She said D66 is with the care of getting isolated in a cabinet with other parties that D66 sees as the right wing. โ€œAnd vice versa, you see the same issue at the CDA,โ€ said the former informer. That’s why Rutte believes that there is a big responsibility now.