Reporter Dennis Schouten leaves PowNed

Powned-reporter Dennis Schouten is leaving the broadcaster after almost five years. Schouten, who was often controversial with his interviews, announced this Wednesday on Instagram.

โ€œ Friends and followers, after almost five years, PowNed and I will break up at the end of this year,โ€ writes 25-year-old Dennis, who gained great fame with his Twente tongue. โ€œWe talked for a long time, but unfortunately we didnt figure it out. After such a long and intense time, it hurts.โ€

Nevertheless, the reporter would like to thank the broadcaster for the time and opportunities he had. Schouten often went out to the streets to demonstrations and meetings to ask critical questions there. He did this during Black Lives Matter-demonstrations and demonstrations against coronameasures. The reporter still works for Veronica Inside.