Representatives of the formation: its really going to be a different cabinet

The government of the demissionary cabinet are pleased that a breakthrough in the formation has been reached yesterday and that negotiations for a new coalition can finally begin. They stress that there is no question that the current cabinet, which stepped down in January due to the surcharge affair, will continue.

According to Minister Ollongren (Home Affairs), it will be โ€œnot the same club at allโ€. She points out that the four parties are โ€œin different relationshipsโ€ after the election. In the current coalition, the CDA is the second largest party, but at the formation table it now becomes D66.

โ€œWe never entered the elections with this coalition,โ€ says the D66 minister, โ€œand we didnt come out with this coalition either.โ€ As far as she is concerned, the outcome, after more than six months of hassle, is that four parties have stepped over their objections and say constructively, โ€œWe think we can get out.โ€

New program, new people

VVD Minister Dekker (Legal Protection) also insists that there is no continuation on the old foot. โ€œTheres going to be a new cabinet, with a new program and also with new people probably.โ€

Most of the board of directors did not want to answer the question of whether they would like to be part of the next cabinet before the Council of Ministers started this morning. The stage of the dolls hasnt arrived yet, they think.

Only Secretary of State Knops (Home Affairs and Kingdom Relations) says unequivocally that after four years he still wants to continue his work. โ€œI have a good time and theres still plenty to do. Im still full of energy.โ€

Minister Blok of Economic Affairs is the only one who says he really does not want to become a minister anymore.