Republicans want more preparation time for Trump in impeachment case

Republicans in the Senate want treatment of the impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump to be postponed for two weeks. The former president should be given more time to prepare his defense, they think.

The House of Representatives accuses Trump of inciting an insurrection prior to the storm of the Capitol on January 6. The Senate must make a verdict on that.

Fair trial

The leader of the Republicans in the Senate, Mitch McConnell, has asked the Democrats to wait until Thursday to file the charges. Trump will have two weeks extra to prepare his defense. Treatment in the Senate can then begin in mid-February.

โ€œ The Republicans are very convinced of the principle that the Senate, the office of President and former President Trump himself, deserve a full and fair trial, respecting his rights and the facts and legal issues that are at stake,โ€ says McConnell.

Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic President of the House of Representatives, has not yet said when she will send the charges against Trump to the Senate. It seems that the Democrats will agree to a postponement if the Republicans approve the nominations for ministerial posts in the new President Joe Biden‘s office.

โ€œFight like hellโ€

Trump says he won the presidential election. But there’s no evidence for that, and he lost all the lawsuits about it.

The Senate confirmed Joe Biden‘s victory on January 6. Prior to that, Trump called on his followers to go to the Capitol, where the Senate was gathered. โ€œFight like hell,โ€ he said, which means as much as โ€œfight whether your life depends on itโ€.

In the storming that followed, five were killed. The senators and other attendees had to flee. Also party members of Trump are furious about that. Ten Republicans in the House of Representatives supported Trump’s accusation of inciting an insurrection.