Rescue child from well goes wrong in India: at least 3 deaths

In India, an attempt to save a child from a well has led to a drama. Due to the weight of the flowed crowd, the well wall buried and spectators fell into the depths. Three people have died at least.

Yesterday morning, a young child had fallen into the 15 meter deep well. While rescuers descent into the hole, other people repressed at the opening of the shaft. When the Earth began to slide, some thirty people disappeared in the hole.

About half of the victims could be saved, but at least three people did not survive. People are still missing, they disappeared under the six-metre deep water or were buried underground.

In addition, the new rescue operation went wrong again, when a tractor with four agents also ended up in the well. With larger equipment, that vehicle had to be secured. The work was hard because of the incident night.

Indian media do not report if the child who started the rescue operation survived.