Rescue workers in Beirut: no more sign of life under rubble

Rescue workers in the Lebanese capital no longer have any hope of finding anyone alive under the rubble after the huge explosion in Beirut last month. “Technically, there is no sign of life,” said the chief of the rescue team at a press conference.

On Thursday, a man’s heartbeats and breathing were detected in a collapsed building. It gave hope for a miracle: could anyone still be rescued a month after the disaster? But after three days of searching, according to the rescuers, the chances of that scenario are gone.

That doesn’t mean the search is over. The team will continue until the entire collapsed building is combed out. At the time of writing, 95 percent of the rubble has been searched.

The rescue operation dominated Lebanese news and social media. It provided a bright spot for a city where nearly 200 people lost their lives at the beginning of August. In the port of the city a stock of some 2,750 tonnes of ammonium nitrate exploded.