Rescuers draw lovely ladies from edge abyss

โ€œBoat is partly over the edge of the dam. Rescue helicopter is on the way.โ€ Texas emergency services did everything on Thursday to save four women from a horrible accident. Pictures show how lucky the women have had โ€” but whether it‘s all been pushed through…

The women were sailing in a boat in the Colorado River in Austin. At some point they ended up at Longhorn Dam. Of course there were signs along the way that warn boats and ships not to sail in that direction, but the women had an excellent day.

โ€œThey were talking and not paying attention,โ€ police spokesman Brad Smith told after the rescue operation.

A little later it was serious. โ€œThe boat is already partly slowing over the end of the dam,โ€ the emergency services tweeted. Later, the Austin-Travis County Emergency Medical Services shared a hallucinating picture of the situation that shows that the nose of the boat is slowing and threatened an abyss of meters deep.

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The women had called a local boat rental company. It came into action right away, went to the women and tied a rope to the boat. It was stuck. The boat owner kept the rope tight. That way the boat remained in position. โ€œWhen I fastened the rope, it looked like they were falling,โ€ says James Kane of Retro Boat Rentals.

The water clatters on a concrete slab after the dam, but whether the women actually realize that they have barely escaped a disaster is unclear. โ€œIt was pretty crazy, they stayed very calm. Maybe they didn’t know what to do, or they just couldn‘t see the abyss,โ€ says Kane. The rescue services could simply get the woman’s boat away as soon as they arrived and praised Kane for his adequate action.

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And the dam, is it unsafe? No, says Kane. Speaking of a stupid action, he compares the behavior of women in American media to โ€œriding a turn against the highway.โ€