Research: ‘75% of natural fires are caused by humans’

The number of natural fires is increasing worldwide. This year there have already been 13 percent more fires than last year. Of all nature fires worldwide 75 percent are caused by humans, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) writes in a new report.

Don’t pay attention

In Europe almost all fires are caused by people not paying attention. For example, because someone throws away a burning cigarette or because of an electrical cable that is not hanging properly. In countries like Brazil and Indonesia tropical rainforest is burnt down to be able to use the land for agriculture.


Nature fires are very harmful to nature, to the animals that live there and to humans. According to WWF, especially young animals get into trouble because there is too little food due to the fires

Also, people in the vicinity of fires can suffer from shortness of breath. Last year a million people in Indonesia had respiratory problems during the wildfire season.

In the Netherlands

Earlier we made this video about how the fire brigade in the Netherlands tries to prevent natural fires: