Research German abuse network ready: 429 suspects, two Dutch

In the German police investigation into the child abuse network around Jรถrg L., a total of 65 children were saved. 429 suspects have also been identified, including two Dutch people. The police in Cologne announced that at a press conference that was held due to the end of the investigation.

The abuse network came to light at the end of 2019, when prime suspect Jรถrg L. was arrested for abusing his then 2-year-old daughter. In the investigation, the police encountered enormous amounts of images of child abuse. Just on L. ‘ s phone had 130,000 photos and 12,000 videos.

The police got thousands of suspects in the picture. Some are said to have abused their own children and spread the images of them online. They also exchanged tips, for example on how to administer tranquilizers to children.

Dossier to the Netherlands

After 26 months, the police investigation is over and the investigation team is lifted. So, of the thousands of suspects who were in the picture, 429 have been identified. According to the German police, the two Dutch suspects have not yet been arrested. However, research data has been transferred to the Dutch investigative services.

Ten men have so far been convicted, including the 43-year-old prime suspect. He received 12 years in prison and tbs in October 2020. In the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, where most of the suspects and victims come from, seven suspects are trapped in anticipation of their trial.

3 month baby

Of the liberated victims, 64 were in Germany and one in Austria. It often involved young children, including a three-month-old baby. According to the police, the main objective of the investigation team was to save the victims as soon as possible.

The investigation was psychologically extremely difficult for the police officers involved, said Cologne police chief, Uwe Jakob, at the closing press conference. โ€œJust the children’s screams on the videos… not everyone can bear that.โ€

Of the approximately 350 members of the research team, three have reported themselves ill for a long time, โ€œbecause of the terrible things they had to faceโ€.