Research into deliberate corona contamination on mink farms

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) will investigate deliberate coronavirus infections on mink farms. For the time being, there are no concrete indications that the virus is deliberately transmitted to the animals. However, despite the stricter measures, infections continue to occur, the Ministry of Agriculture announces.

The Ministry reports three new mink farms where the virus has broken out. A total of 47 of the 128 mink farms in the Netherlands are now infected.


D66 Member of Parliament De Groot has asked for the investigation into the deliberate violation of the rules. He thinks it is “very coincidental” that more infections occur while there are proper strict measures in place. The mink breeders receive compensation, an amount of money, if their minks are culled because of corona.

Checks on compliance with hygiene measures are also being tightened up. Fines will be handed out in case of violation.