Research into striking ‘running mate’ in California

John Cox, one of the candidates to become the new governor of California, is being investigated because of his mascot Tag, a bear.

Cox hopes to become the successor of Gavin Newsom and moves from city to city โ€” with a focus on San Diego. The campaign broke out in all fierce and Cox was looking for a strong man.


That adjutant is indeed strong, but according to the laws of San Diego, nowhere, except in zoos, the keeping of wild animals such as lions, tigers and bears is permitted.

The officials of San Diego Humane Society have launched an official investigation into Tag, which accompanies the candidate governor on every trip.

The presence of the animal can count on the wrath of animal activists. โ€œThe days when wild animals were seen as a doll or a toy must be over,โ€ says People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Dangerous wild animals should not be used for politics, according to the organization.

A Democratic MP, Ben Hueso, demands action, while Cox says that his bear is enjoying himself very well. โ€œWe have made every effort to ensure its comfort and safety, and have permission from various government agencies. California needs bestial change. We have to shake off our left feathers.โ€

The beast

Cox stays close to its marketing strategy around the animal kingdom. Among other things, he advertises with the slogan meet the beast โ€” which does not mean Tag…

Cox positions himself as the beast, with opponent Gavin Newsom acting as the beauty. Coxs official website is registered on and its Twitter account is named @beastjohncox.


Despite the efforts of Tag, the campaign does not go as hoped. The Republican Cox stands in the polls at 36 percent of the votes, which may allow the Democrat Gavin Newsom to sit for a while.