Researcher receives hundreds of flattened mosquitoes

A researcher from the University of Wageningen has been busy opening envelopes for a week. There are no nice tickets in there, but dead mosquitoes.

A week ago, the university made a call. They asked everyone who lives in the Netherlands to send dead mosquitoes. And its happening massively now. By now more than 1000 people have said that they do have a dead mosquito. Researcher Sander Koenraadt is pleased with it.

Sander and his colleagues want to use the mosquitoes for their research. This way they want to find out which mosquitoes occur in the Netherlands. And especially in the winter.


The researchers also want to know if the mosquitoes are carrying any diseases. That is why it is important that they can examine the mosquitoes in their laboratory

You too can help with the research and post a flattened mosquito. On this site you can find out how to do that.