Resident Evil Village authors had to “shorten” Lady Dimitrescu for Mercenaries

Capcom will release the Winters‘ Expansion extension to Resident Evil Village on October 28, which will add a new Shadows of Rose storyline, a third-person view, and new playable characters for Mercenaries mode — Chris Redfield, Lady Dimitrescu and Karl Heisenberg. Polygon spoke with Winters Expansion Development Manager Kento Kinoshita about The innovations Mercenaries. And I found out that developers had to reduce Lady Dimitrescu’s height.

As we remember, the lady rises 290 centimeters, and with this size, the character would be difficult to control. However, she will still be a giant, above other characters.

Kinoshita said that they tried to make the popular characters in the series different. Chris combines firearms with close combat, Heisenberg attacks from a distance using magnetism, and Lady Dimitrescu strikes crushing blows from a height of her height, including using furniture items.

New Mercenary characters will not be able to buy weapons from the Duke. But they‘ll be able to buy items, upgrades, and abilities, and this will change their gameplay experience.

The developers have added about 20 different unlockable items. https://www.

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