Resident Evil Village demo on PS5, PS4 and PS4 Pro works perfectly โ€” tests different modes

At night, the American owners of PlayStation were able to try the first stage of the gameplay demo of Resident Evil Village, thanks to which enthusiasts were already able to conduct tests of console versions. What surprises most is that the main difference between PS4, PS4 Pro and PS5 is resolution, download speed and the ability to enable ray tracing for global lighting and other things in the nextgen version of horror. Resolution PS4 โ€” 900p PS4 Pro (HD Mode) โ€” 1080p PS4 Pro (4K Mode) โ€” 1800r-4K (chess rendering) PS5 โ€” 4K (chess rendering).

With performance, everything turned out to be much better than expected after publishing RE8 technical features on consoles: PS4 – 45 to 60 FPS, on average about 50-55 FPS depending on scenes PS4 Pro (HD Mode) โ€” 60 FPS PS4 Pro (4K Mode) โ€” 30-45 FPS PS5 (with retracing) โ€” 55-60 FPS PS5 (no reitracing) โ€” 60 FPS. Surprisingly, all versions of the game work with an unlocked frame rate – there is simply no lock on 30 FPS.

The difference in downloads surprises most: PS4 โ€” 46. 26 seconds PS4 Pro โ€” 33.

86 seconds PS5 โ€” 1. 86 seconds.

Otherwise, the PS5 only slightly better filter textures and their quality itself, although nothing drastic. With all this in mind, its even surprising that initially the eighth part was announced only for new generation consoles – the game works great on the PS4.

In Russia, the first stage of the demo version for PlayStation owners will launch today at 20:00 Moscow time – it will last eight hours until 04:00 Moscow time on April 19. Learn more about the time to start the probe from a separate note.

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