Resident Evil Village has become the subject of fresh Game Informer

Resident Evil Village became the main theme of the fresh issue of Game Informer – on the cover placed the werewolf, one of the main types of opponents of the eighth part. The magazine promises more details about the village itself, innovations and improvements in the combat system and other mechanics like hunting – it will be needed to increase the maximum level Ethans health. Cover of fresh roomsThe poster with ItanomSome fresh frameResident Evil Village is released on May 7 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC.

In a few days, on April 16 at 01:00 Moscow time, the developers will hold a presentation with a display of fresh footage and probably the release of the gameplay demo. More on CCeit Hearing: Resident Evil Village will have a mode with bagel elements and random elements Capcom revealed the Resident Evil Village map and the design of the main villain โ€” Mothers Miranda Insider: Resident Evil 9 will be the finale of Ethan trilogy and final number part.