Residents Amersfoort are sportiest townspeople

Of all the major cities in our country, Amersfoort is the most sporty. Also in Utrecht and Breda, residents score well when it comes to sports. It is striking that especially in the east there is much more sports in the club than in the rest of the Netherlands.


least sport is played in Limburg and South Holland cities. In the top-50 Heerlen scores the worst, followed by Schiedam. This is evident from the annual survey of ‘Atlas voor municiptentens’, which is presented Wednesday afternoon from Ede, but is already in possession of De Cceit.

The latest edition of the Atlas introduces the municipal sports index, in which the sports offer and participation in the fifty largest Dutch municipalities are mapped and compared with each other. โ€œIn addition, a distinction has been made between sports that take place, whether organised or not. It is striking that Amersfoort scores best because the offer here โ€” just like in Utrecht and Breda โ€” scores below the average,โ€ says researcher Sandra Muilwijk. โ€œCities with a wide range of sports facilities do not necessarily have the most sporty inhabitants. This is evident in Emmen and Venlo, where there is a lot of offer, but little sport is played.โ€

Of the fifty largest municipalities, Amsterdam has the least offer of organised sport. Especially the number of football fields, riding stables and running tracks is small. Actually, Amstelveen is the only municipality in the Randstad that scores high in this area. With regard to disorganized sports (fitness, running and cycling), Arnhem offers the most, followed by Delft and Ede. In Schiedam there is the least offer and there are also few footpaths and bike paths counted.