Response of the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to RIVMs amendment of the Elderly Care Oral Caps Directive

The Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport responded to questions from New Years Eve. On Friday afternoon, Nieuwsuur published the following article showing that the RIVM has tacitly withdrawn an important advisory report on oral masks in elderly care

“As mentioned earlier, the RIVM bases the appropriate use of protective equipment on the risk of infection during a particular care treatment. The RIVM is responsible for this”, informs a spokesperson of the ministry by e-mail.

“In addition, since 1 May it has been explicitly included in the principles that healthcare workers can deviate from the principles based on their professional insights and experience if the specific situation requires it. After all, specific situations are difficult to capture in general principles”

“The National Care Aids Consortium takes this into account when orders are placed by healthcare institutions. In addition to the regular purchase of care institutions, the LCH is able to meet the current demand of care institutions with its current stocks”