Rest over Orange System: “If you dont, you dont know if its successful”

Wout Weghorst sees that Oranje will have to do better before the European Championships start. The Dutch team experimented against Scotland (2-2) with the 5-3-2-formation. That did not produce the desired result.
In front of the camera of DeccEit, Weghorst tells about the performance of Oranje in the 5-3-2 setup. We have trained a lot on that in the last few days, but that also requires time and adaptation, says the rush hour. At times that was good, but at times it was certainly not the case. We have to be critical of that.
I think it needs time. You have to make yourself a new way of playing, Weghorst continues. We just don‘t have a lot of time for that. These are also the matches in which we can try. If you don’t, you don‘t know if it can be successful. After today, we can only say that it must be better.
Wegorst thinks he should have shown himself more against Scotland. For me personally it was disappointing. In the end, I’
m not just standing here on the field to score, but also making my offensive contribution. I think that has been limited.