Restarted chains parent company Miss Etam under new owner

Fashion chains Miss Etam, Claudia Strรคter, Expresso, Steps and Promiss are making a restart under a new owner. Parent company FNG Group, with stores in the Netherlands and Belgium, was declared bankrupt at the beginning of August. At that time, there was already talk of a possible restart of the Dutch branch

The new owner is the FLV Group of entrepreneur Martijn Rozenboom.

What the restart means for the approximately 1,500 employees is still unclear. This will be looked into in the coming weeks. Commercial director Patrick Miami-Van der Borden says that the aim is to bring along as many stores as possible that are financially healthy. This depends on negotiations with the landlords of the premises, he says. We also look at the number of employees at the head office.

The intention is for the stores to use data to make smarter purchases, among other things. In addition, cooperation is being sought with international partners such as Zalando for online expansion outside the Netherlands.

The former parent company FNG had been in financial difficulties for some time. In 2019, it lost 292 million euros on a turnover of 489 million euros. It also had 735 million in debt on its balance sheet in that year.