Restaurant in China says sorry for balanced diet

A restaurant in China apologised after it asked guests to weigh themselves at the entrance before eating a meal.

That is what the BBC writes. The meat restaurant in Changsha placed two large scales at the entrance this week. Visitors were asked to enter the result in an app. They would then recommend a menu.

The reason for the action was a national campaign against food waste. One sign said Operation Empty Plate and Be frugal and diligent, go for empty plates.

However, Chinese Weibo users were not unanimously positive. Messages about the restaurant were said to have been watched at least 300 million times. The restaurant went through the dust in a statement. Our intention was to stop wasting food. We never wanted to force people to weigh.

Xi wants fewer large portions

The campaign against food waste was launched this week. President Xi called the scale of the problem shocking. The Wuhan Catering Industry Association promptly asked restaurateurs in the city made world-famous by the coronavirus to reduce the number of plates per customer, at least one plate less than the number of members of the group.

For example, the state TV criticised livestreamers who filmed themselves eating large numbers of food, the BBC saw.