Restaurant staff arrested for not giving free burgers

All nineteen staff working Saturday night at Johnny & Jugnu restaurant, Lahore, Pakistani, have been arrested. The reason? Two days earlier, they didn‘t give free burgers to the officers who were on the sidewalk at that time.

The burger restaurant also issued a statement on Monday in which they write that it’s not the first time that something like that happens to their business.

Inam Ghani, one of the provincial police chief agents, also shares a message on Twitter about the incident: โ€œNo one should take the right into their own hands. Injustice is not tolerated. The agents involved are all being punished,โ€ it says in the message.

‘Held and harassed for hours, ‘

Johnny & Jugnu states that staff members have been held and harassed by the agents for about seven hours.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has already called for a police force reform in the Punjab region, says BBC. Local politicians would have appointed friends to run the police stations.