Result Statement: Afraid of illegal fireworks

Relief and anger among the participants in the Theorem of the Day about the general fireworks ban that the Cabinet has proclaimed for the coming New Year. There are almost as many supporters as opponents of the ban.

Before the coronacrisis it was already decided that no fireworks and flares could be fired, but given the pressure on care by corona, there is no more ornamental fireworks allowed with old and new.

Very well, cheering one camp. โ€œShould have been introduced years earlier. All that suffering for humans and animals and all that air pollution, I hope that the fireworks ban will remain.โ€ Such a ban is nonsense and asking for trouble, it sounds in the other camp. โ€œThere will be a lot of illegal fireworks or homemade ‘bombs’, with all the ensuing consequences.โ€

Both supporters and opponents are concerned that it will increase the use of illegal fireworks because of the ban on fireworks. The fireworks industry also warns against this. โ€œIt is precisely the heavy, illegal fireworks that are the problem. Take that. With a fireworks ban, you once again disadvantage the citizen who does comply with the rulesโ€. One respondent hopes that they will check well in the border regions, โ€œotherwise there will be no point.โ€

Minister Grapperhaus says that the ban is well maintained, but virtually none of the respondents share that view. โ€œThe copper will have to write receipts at risk of his own life while the Cobras and avalanche arrows fly around himโ€, predicts someone. Another notes that fireworks have been banned for years until the end of December. โ€œIt has not been maintained for years alone. Bastards who turned off before the end of December already did it illegally and got away with it. That‘s not going to change now.โ€

Violators of the fireworks ban will receive a fine of 100 euros and a record on the criminal record. A quarter of respondents feel that the penalty is too light. โ€œNormally, they spend thousands of euros on fireworks, so 100 euros does not scare offโ€, argues one participant. Almost half, however, consider it too severe a sanction. โ€œFine, fine, but a criminal record record goes too far.โ€

The fireworks industry accuses politics of using the coronavirus in order to push through a complete fireworks ban, and more than half of the participants agree. โ€œEverything is thrown on corona nowadaysโ€, grumbles a respondent, โ€œthe only thing people were looking forward to, fireworks on 31 December, is already taken away this year. The illegal market and fireworks selling fireworks in Germany and Belgium are laughing at themselves, but many Dutch entrepreneurs are breaking down again.โ€ The EUR 40 million that the industry receives in compensation calls a ‘tip, ‘while the other finds such compensation ridiculous.

Moreover, the majority do not think that the ban will reduce the pressure on health care and care workers and that the turn of the year will be calmer. โ€œMuch dissatisfaction is going to lead to riots. Alternatively, shop windows will die and cars will go up in flamesโ€, someone outlines a dark scenario.

For most respondents, a new year without fireworks is less festive. โ€œWhy don’t municipalities give a big fireworks show? Then we can still pop into the New Year.โ€