Result Statement: All pleas permitted

Whether or not to introduce a curfew keeps the position participants busy. The majority support this far-reaching measure. โ€œEverything that can help even a little in the fight against corona must be deployed now,โ€ the supporters say.

In view of the British (and other) coronamutations, many participants believe that everything should be done. โ€œWe will have to do everything we can to save peoples lives. A curfew ensures that people stay in and is also nice and clear.โ€ One respondent says: โ€œA curfew is easier to maintain than the other half meter rule in the dark.โ€ The supporters say that this curfew is quite drastic, but at the same time the only remaining option in the fight against the British variant. According to this group of voters, all means are allowed to prevent hospitals from overcoming. โ€œLook at the conditions in the hospitals in England, thats what we have to prevent here,โ€ it sounds.

In doing so, we must draw a line with our immediate neighbours where there is a curfew,โ€ some say. โ€œOtherwise, neighbors will come looking for their freedom here,โ€ it is said. Moreover, it is better to introduce this curfew now than that the country will really have to lock, according to 59%. โ€œA curfew gives clear and clear criteria that are enforceable.โ€ According to 64 percent, curfew can at least reduce the number of home visits. Slightly fewer voters (56 percent) think that this remedy can work against illegal parties. โ€œReal prevention cant be, but it can help against illegal parties, drinks at home and hangouts on the street,โ€ says a respondent. But then offenders should be given a decent punishment, one thinks. โ€œA fine of at least 1000 euros. That 95 euro fine from now on, they laugh at it. They have lost that in an ordinary evening out,โ€ says a supporter of far-reaching measures.

โ€œ What is not allowed becomes attractiveโ€, convey opponents of curfew against it. โ€œThen partying between 8:00 and 4:00 and all sleep together.โ€ Within this group of opposing voters, many suspect that introducing this rule will be counterproductive. โ€œThen we meet during the day, right?โ€ , someone responds. Both supporters and opponents (55 percent of all participants) think that this measure will make people agree more during the day, making things more crowded throughout the day. โ€œThe more infections occur during the day,โ€ someone says about this. Others are especially afraid that they will have to miss their evening walk. โ€œI have to walk for my health. Only after Ive worked and I have everything in order at home, after 8 hours, so I can go and I cant do that anymore. I adhere to all the rules, but this really goes too far.โ€ Approximately half of the voters consider this tool to be disproportionate when we look at the current situation. โ€œToo profound and it disrupts society.โ€ Others mainly have psychological objections: A downright absurd measure that evokes very nasty associations. One respondent writes: โ€œThe most profit can be gained from human discipline, and it is now noticeable. I fear that a curfew will make people rebellious.โ€