Result statement: ‘Do not party now order’

A large majority of the position participants (68 percent) do not think that Dutch people are allowed to party with New Years Eve. On the other hand, it must be maintained hard on fireworks and alcohol consumption.

For example, just over half of respondents do not think that municipalities should allow regulated outdoor parties. ,, Just do nothing. A limited party gets out of hand, with major consequences for enforcers and caregivers. Theres got to be something in place for that. But what? I dont know,โ€ notes an opponent. And another:,, The safety and health of others and yourself are paramount. So just follow the coronare rules. Also with New Years Eve. Not a party for a year, whats bad about that?โ€ Yet some think that the reins can be celebrated something. Thus believes a supporter:,, A feast for young people in the open air, with fireworks lighting under supervision. You can achieve more than with very strict rules.โ€

Two-thirds of the participants are not optimistic about the possibility of maintaining the banning of parties. Three-quarters fear the safety of enforcers if the rules are too strict during New Years Eve. ,, There will be much more mess than other years with New Years Eve. The youth really goes out to the streets, you wont stop them.โ€ Many respondents reproach the government โ€œtoo weakโ€ action against youth who is already terrorizing neighbourhoods with fireworks. For example, someone suggests:,, engage military personnel to enforce together with the police, so that they are protected. Boas are often harassed and laughed at.โ€

Despite the ban on the sale of fireworks, a narrow majority does not think that there will be less chipping off. There is a lively trade in illegal (heavy) fireworks. ,, Criminals have discovered the illegal fireworks. These bombs are dangerous for life. The ban on fireworks is the most stupidly action everโ€, thinks a participant. According to another, that ban is not a viable map at all:,, Then you have to place a cop every hundred meters in every city and every village. And then they have to pay attention to illegal parties as well? That cant be done at all.โ€


a result, a large majority believe that the number of accidents involving fireworks will still be large. Three-quarters believes that the police must fight fireworks illegally, so that the hospitals do not fill up with fireworks victims at the turn of the year. Now more than ever, a number of participants find it very stupid when people with fireworks stunt. One of them says, โ€œWhen it comes to hospitalizations, coronas victims go for fireworks victims.โ€

A banning party will not only affect young people, think a small majority. Most believe that young people do not need an outlet after months of sitting at home. A respondent finds:,, Why does that outlet always have to be found in fireworks, drugs and alcohol? You can also go in for sports.โ€ And an older respondent says: โ€œOlder people also have needs, for example in hugging our grandchildren. Just hold on for a while.โ€ Two-thirds dont need a celebration with New Years Eve.