Result statement: ‘Rutte III is liable’

The Cabinet must take responsibility in the payment affair and resign. This is the opinion of a majority (61%) of the participants in the Theorem of the Day. โ€œIf there is no strong response to this, by resignation, when is it?โ€

The way in which political responses have been made to the issue โ€” where numerous parents were wrongly identified by the Tax Administration as fraudsters โ€” cannot count on respondents to understand. โ€œThey should have intervened in the first complaint. This has taken far too long,โ€ says a critic.

Many agree with that. โ€œThey have ignored all signals with all the consequences for the victims,โ€ it sounds. And: โ€œThe House of Representatives has been sleeping for years or even deliberately looked the other way and Rutte‘s cabinets too.โ€

Many respondents have little faith in the government. โ€œEverything but everything runs in a hundred with the entire government. They are all completely out of society,โ€ someone responds. โ€œPolitics slept for years and don’t want to wake up. They are the arrogance at the top of their behavior,โ€ says another. โ€œThis cabinet must resign, and we must never let these nonsense come back into politics.โ€

The vast majority of the position participants (82%) believe that such a large affair should not be without consequences. โ€œYears of misery and thousands of families to the bone destroyed. There are cabinets to so many fewer cases,โ€ one of them responds. โ€œRutte finds resignation so shortly before the elections symbolic. Let it be symbolic, then, if this is not a reason to get out, what is it?โ€

According to 60% of respondents, the objection that the Cabinet cannot quit now because of the coronacrisis is nonsense. โ€œThe cabinet is hiding behind corona,โ€ a respondent articulates the prevailing sentiment. โ€œCorona should not be an excuse not to take responsibility on another file,โ€ another responds. โ€œThe demissionary of the cabinet will not have any effect on the fight against coronaโ€, expects another. โ€œThe elections are already on March 17th, and after that the cabinet will be demissionary anyway until a new government is elected.โ€

The fact that no one will be prosecuted for the affair in the Tax Administration itself can count on the understanding of few participants. At least 79% of them disagree with this decision of the Public Prosecutor‘s Office. โ€œThey knowingly pushed people to the abyss. Here need heads for rolling. At all levels, otherwise there is a high probability that such things will continue to happen. In normal business life, you’re screwed with something like that,โ€ someone responds. โ€œWhy are senior officials always protected while they are shining the ministers by not doing their job properly?โ€ , another wonders.

Many (37%) therefore do not believe that the resignation of the Cabinet is the right solution. โ€œIt is a structural problem, not a political problem. The government makes policy and supervises. However, public administrations such as the Tax Administration go their separate ways,โ€ it sounds. โ€œAs long as no officials are held to account, nothing will change,โ€ another thinks.