Result statement: ‘Strict lockdown now needed’

With the new coronare rules, six out of ten will find participants in the Theorem of the Day. There will be a curfew, there will be no more than one person to visit and a quick test will be required for travellers from abroad.

It will exclude flights from risk areas United Kingdom, South Africa and South America. The no-fly zone seems to most voters to be the most effective means of reducing the number of infections. Most people consider KLM‘s decision to stop flying to distant destinations to be a very good one. However, by far the majority believe that the cabinet is ‘too late‘ or ‘far too late‘ with the imposition of travel restrictions.

A respondent says very firmly:,, That no-fly zone should have come much earlier. Actually, you should close the boundaries completely. Then open the country only once everyone has been vaccinated.โ€ Another is that, as an additional measure, employers should be obliged to have their staff working at home.

, โ€œWhat this cabinet is much too late with, is to vaccinateโ€, it often sounds. , if they show vigor with vaccination, then all these measures are tolerable and there is perspective. But now, as always, we are chasing the facts, another grumbles.

The answer to whether compatriots are going to get into trouble by the measures shows a divided picture. In addition, a little more respondents think that it is not easy. Someone’s asking attention to the caregivers and the visiting scheme. ,, My mother is in the nineties and the children around seventy. Kids always helped mom with the two of us. On your own, it‘s way too heavy at that age.โ€

Not so much trust many in the enforcement of the measures. A large majority does not think that this is going to happen properly. Most would also like to see a fine that is higher than the โ‚ฌ95 that is now in front of it. , โ€œI can get that fine to โ‚ฌ500, with as a bonus a note on your criminal record if you break the rules againโ€, says someone.

Most do not believe that there is sufficient support for the new measures. A participant believes:,, As always, the new rules are again much too late and not well brought. Infected people go out there anyway. It keeps mopping with the tap open.โ€ And another goes by:,, The support calves off by all these measures are always questioned.โ€

Should the lockdown be lifted again, most would like the schools and nurseries to open first. After that, as far as many are concerned, the shops have to open again, and then the catering industry. A suggestion:,, The schools can already be opened if you test the teachers and the students daily.โ€ Someone suggests opening not only the schools, but also the shops and restaurants. , so that everyone gets a little air again.โ€


week, the Prime Minister began announcing the new measures with the words: ‘We‘re getting out of here’. Most expect this to happen after the summer. Another large part of the voters, however, is very gloomy about it and fears that we will ‘never’ get rid of the corona measures.