Result Theorts: Building more homes

Most participants in the Theorem of the Day find the high house prices of the moment ‘a disaster. In the past year, despite corona, prices have risen sharply. Home buyers are currently counting down four tons for an average home.

It is striking that prices are rising very sharply in the region. In some municipalities, prices rose by as much as 20% over the past year. That does not surprise most respondents by far. โ€œThese high prices are a disaster, because now a lot of townspeople are taking away the good homes for the noses of young people from the village.โ€

Many residents of large cities seek peace and space in the region. According to most participants, that draft is not motivated by the coronacrisis. However, a quarter thinks that, in the long run, these townspeople will regret their move to the countryside. Some do not suffer from this: โ€œ47 years ago I moved from The Hague to the head of North Holland. Not a day regretted it.โ€

Someone sees a domino effect: โ€œIn the Randstad, the houses are not payable for a normal person. Townspeople go to the countryside, because the homes are affordable there. Those who have been living in the region for years can not buy anything anymore because here too house prices are rising terrifying. This development is quicker because now many people work at home and do not see the usefulness living close to their workโ€.

The rapid price rise of housing, could indicate a housing bubble. Two-thirds of voters fear such a bubble. A large majority also believe that many who now buy a house at such a high price will be in trouble in the future. โ€œThe housing market is a roller coaster,โ€ a house owner describes. โ€œEventually, the bubble will burst, just like the financial crisis in 2008.โ€

Amsterdam is the only place in the country where the housing market is cooling down. A majority of respondents do not think that this is happening in the rest of the country. A possible explanation for the cooling down in Amsterdam: โ€œThe Amsterdammers are tired of their city by the left-wing behaviour. Their homes raise a lot of money, so they can easily outbid on a house in the region.โ€

Whether the government should intervene in the housing market, opinions are divided. Most of all, many believe that more homes need to be built quickly. โ€œThe government should have intervened much earlier and imposed housing tasks on municipalities and provinces.โ€ In addition, many believe that it is necessary to build mainly for middle and lower incomes. โ€œInterventing the housing market with tax measures and subsidies will cause home buyers even more trouble, as this keeps prices high,โ€ says a voter. Someone else argues in favour of the French system, whereby the profits of the sale of houses are subject to considerable tax.โ€

For starters, buying a house is currently difficult. A majority would like the group to be helped. Some call the premium A and premium B dwellings of yesteryear. โ€œGreat system, where you were bound by all kinds of restrictions, but you did have a good home,โ€ says an expert.