Result Thesis: A pet belongs indoors

Cats have to stay on a leash or inside, finds almost two thirds of the participants in the scaffolding. Not only because cats catch (protected) birds, but above all because they do their needs everywhere, preferably in the garden of others.

Most respondents agree with the view of ecologist Chris Smit and lawyer Arie Trouwborst, who want to achieve a ban on cats going free through a trial. According to these two, cats catch between 17 and 200 million birds every year.

“I often chase the cats out of our garden with the dog so that the birds can eat safely with us”, explains a bird lover.

But the birds are not the most important argument for the advocates of a ban on unloading, they are the cats droppings. “In my neighbourhood many cats run free, especially at night. And Im allowed to root in the shit when I do the garden, not to mention the urine stench“, someone is upset.

Some people think that, in addition to the obligation to be a listener, there should also be an obligation to clean up cat shit and that there should be a cat tax. “There should also be a test case for that. I wonder how many more people would like to have a cat

Nearly 40%, however, believe that a cat should be able to walk around freely outside. “That is its nature. A cat doesnt let (life) rules be imposed on it”, someone writes. Another one, indignant: “Lining up a cat? Then even sooner let a pig jump strings. How do they make it up?

Another argument against keeping it inside: “Cats are ideal mouse catchers. Because of all the bans on poison, the number of mice and rats is increasing enormously. So go outside with those animals.

Opponents are questioning the numbers of birds that would be killed. “If that were true, our streets would be littered with dead birds.” Some believe that something could be done about the large number of stray cats (estimated at one million) in our country: “Sterilise anyway and then take them elsewhere“. Others think that feral cats should not be sterilised but killed.

The vast majority believe that it is the cats nature to hunt birds, but some respondents argue that the domestic cat is completely domesticated and does not need to hunt for food. “The killing of birds by cats is therefore completely useless and an attack on bird life and biodiversity“, someone observes.

One third of the scaffold participants have one or more cats and half of them say they keep them indoors as much as possible. “Particularly with a view to killing,” explains one respondent. “I also think that others shouldnt be bothered by my cats,” he adds.

The other half let them out. A few people ring a bell with their cat so that hunting becomes a lot more difficult.

Most think it wouldnt hurt a cat to keep him inside, provided you do that from an early age. “A cat is a pet. The word says it all: an animal to keep in the house. I also have a cat that has never been outside. People are very easy these days. They want a cat but they dont want a litter box so they do their needs with someone else in the garden”