Return, Control and Quantum Break screenwriter works on Burn novella

The independent Convict Games team, known by Stone, announced their new project. This is a visual Burn novella in which we have to determine the fate of pop queen Nina. And her tragedy could culminate in one of the sixteen finals.

Nina Byrne, a Finnish pop star, started her pop career at 17, and her life until the age of 27 will be broken into three acts. In these, we can change Ninas style, dialogues, and even the soundtrack, and the outcome of her story can be both dark and bright.

Ninas story is a scriptwriter and storytelling designer of games such as Return, Control, Stone and Quantum Break. The staff of Convict Games, a small studio of five, were involved in the creation of other popular games (Noita, Carrion, TormentorXPunisher, Broforce, Nuclear Throne) as well as the films โ€œGravity & raquo;, โ€œWar of the Worlds Zโ€, โ€œForbidden Receptionโ€ and โ€œPrometheusโ€ .

Burn is released on Xbox Series, Xbox One and PC in 2022. More on the Metroidvania Turbo Kids Kickstarter Mad Co-op Fling to the Finish comes into early access August 23 Bum Simulator is released August 26.