Return creators from Housemarque wanted to buy more than Sony

Housemarque wanted to acquire not only Sony but also other โ€œmajor industry playersโ€, but the Finnish studio refused their offers in favor of PlayStation Studios. This was revealed founder and head of the firm Ilari Kuittinen, without giving names but noting that these are โ€œusual suspectsโ€ โ€” from China (Tencent?) , Sweden (Embracer Group?) and the US (EA, Activision, Take-Two?). โ€œSpring came out unusual.

We were literally fought for, which seems a little surreal. โ€ But the key was Sony‘s desire to acquire Housemarque โ€” first, the companies have been cooperating for more than 15 years, second, the Finnish team makes great and unique games that are unlike anything in the industry right now.

Return was the studio’s first major project, but the next game will be more ambitious. More on Iromania Leak: Next The Dark Pictures will name The Devil In Me Star Wars: Visions From Famous Japanese Animators to Release on September 22 Streamer Summit1g broke the record for Max Payne 3 passing on hardcore.