Returnal makers thank Sony for creative risk

The founder and head of the Finnish Housemarque, Ilari Kuittinen, before tomorrows premiere of Returnal, published an open letter in which he spoke about the production of the cinematic bagel. The original concept of the game appeared 6 years ago, but production began in 2017 – just after the release of Nex Machina, sales of which so disappointed the studio that it completely abandoned the release of arcades. โ€œHowever, abandoning the genre did not mean that we would abandon our commitment to dynamic action.

On the contrary, we wanted to try to move our 2D arcade gameplay into third-person action. โ€ In the studio long were unsure that they would succeed in convincing Sony to fund an untested and ambitious concept.

However, the team is very grateful to the publisher for the support and opportunity to release something so risky. โ€œWe will always be grateful to them for this opportunity.

โ€ Production of Returnal was difficult – and releasing the most ambitious game against the backdrop of a global pandemic is especially difficult. The studio grew to 75 employees, and it had a new department that only dealt with the plot, script and universe of the project.

The game is released tomorrow only on PS5 – today the first reviews appeared, where the game is praised, including for the transition to a completely new genre for the studio with preservation of its corporate identity. The average score is 86-87.

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