Revelation of Napoli was offered at Ajax: ‘Time was too short and price was too high’

Shota Arveladze says that his compatriot Khvicha Kvaratskhelia was offered to Ajax. The Georgian attacker is now one of the absolute tastemakers at Napoli, but could have signed in Amsterdam last winter. However, the conditions surrounding the transfer were not ideal.
โ€œLast transfer period in the winter, Kvaratskhelia was offered to Ajax,โ€ says the former player of the Amsterdammers to De Cceit. โ€œThe time was just too short and they found the asking price of fifteen million euros too high. At that time, he did not have such good statistics at Lokomotiv Moscow. Ajax wanted to pay nine to twelve million euros, but Napoli ended up buying it for ten million euros.โ€
On Tuesday, the unleashed Kvaratskhelia will be Ajax‘s opponent in the Champions League. According to Arveladze, it’s going to be tough to stop him. โ€œThe class is dripping away from him. He is big, strong, two-legged and really complete. The most special thing about him is that he is good in both large and small spaces. All of his decisions in the field are good. I can‘t remember the wrong choice, he reads the game really well.โ€
In eight games in Serie A, Kvaratskhelia has scored five goals so far and prepared a goal twice. Georgia’
s nineteen-time international particularly impresses with its speed and purpose in the early stages of the season in Serie A.