Review Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Everyone who grew up at the beginning of this century feels the nostalgia of Call of Duty Modern Warfare. This beloved shooting game was originally released in 2009 and has now been re-released and updated for the new generation of gamers, but will fans be satisfied with all these changes?

What is it?

Modern Warfare 2 Campaign Remastered is the second part in the original Modern Warfare trilogy (without multiplayer option) and continues the story of the first part. Zakheav is dead, but now an even more dangerous opponent enters the mix: Vladimir Makarov. This deranged serial killer and his group carry out an attack on a Russian airport while pretending to be Americans. The actions that follow make this the most epic story ever in the history of Call Of Duty.

This is partly due to the fact that this part is more over the top than the previous Call Of Duty games. You can compare it to a Fast And Furious action film written by Micheal Bay. The Russians are of course angry with America and there are many explosions, epic twists and bloodcurdling moments. Those moments are even more powerful, because the music was made by the world famous composer Hans Zimmer, together with Lorne Balfe. The music in this part is the strongest of all the Call Of Duty parts and it feels as if you are in the game yourself.

Is it what?

Fans of shooting games and this series will undoubtedly love the new version. The old feel of the game remains mostly true to the original and graphically the game has been greatly improved. In addition to the graphic improvements, additional details have been added to story scenes and moments that were actually unrealistic.

Although there are a lot of improvements to this version, some adjustments are unnecessary. For example, the music at the end of the game has been tampered with so that it is not nicely mixed with the final scene. Furthermore, the new model of General Shepherd has been changed into an angry Adolf Hitler and there is different music in the credits. Despite these unnecessary changes, the game is still great and doesnt spoil the fun.

Plus and minus points

+ Great story

+ Powerful music

+ Improved graphics

+ Plays deliciously

+ Extra details provide a new experience

– Pair of unnecessary adjustments


Eleven years later, this game is still as good as it used to be and the remaster continues to amaze you time and time again. Anyone who loves shooting games will undoubtedly love this game despite the few unnecessary adjustments that have been added. The new version is full of extra details, additions and graphic improvements which makes it look like you are playing the game again for the first time. The classic Call Of Duty feel is of course the icing on the cake with the powerful music, epic story and smooth playing style that no Modern Warfare fan can get enough of.

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