Review: Catherine full body

Who believes in monogamy? Not the creators of Catherine Full Body in any case. Players take on the protagonist Vincent, who has more women than just one. That turns out to be special….

What is it?

The game is more or less a cult hit from 2011 and comes from the same stable as the Persona games. Last year the game was brought to the current generation of consoles with extra content and this year its the Switch version. The game offers a strange combination of puzzles and a storybook.

This is because youre constantly moving through levels with blocks to get higher up, often chased by strange bosses. At other times, when youve escaped death for the umpteenth time, youre having conversations with your girlfriend Katherine, with your friends, and other beautiful things. Though its not just innocent conversations.

Is it what?

Catherine Full Body is an interesting game for those who like a good story, as long as you are interested in the theme. The creators dive into peoples love dilemmas. Vincent has been in a relationship for a number of years and should logically be ready for the next step: marry, have children, or settle down.

In any case, his girlfriend Katherine is ready for it. But Vincent, in his early 30s, only gets nightmares. Literally. The puzzles that he keeps going through are parallel to his nights. During the day it turns out the same: he gets more and more fears.

In a somewhat clumsy way he ends up in the strangest situations and before you know it youre not in bed with your own girlfriend, but someone else entirely. Someone who also shouts at you that you would be very sorry if you were cheating on him in the long run. Um, didnt Vincent just do that? You can feel it coming: he has to get out of the situation. But Vincents reactions are like quicksand. He sinks further and further into misery. Its a fascinating fact and the story is addictive to follow. Some things are so recognizable, while others are too hilarious for words.

Whats also nice is that you make choices and the game even has multiple endings. This makes it a game to play multiple times. However, you have to love the puzzles. It is a totally different piece of gameplay, which does not really fit the story, but is fun for many people. A pity, however, is the terrifying camera angle. If you are tired of this or just want to focus on the dialogues, you can choose to put the puzzles on autoplay.

Pros and cons

+ different endings

+ unique game

+ extra content

– Exciting camera angle at the puzzles


All in all, Catherine Full Body is a strong game, but a very strange one. Where did you come across a game where you have to cheat and your nightmares are filled with sheep and strange enemies? Everything to make you feel oppressive.

The message gets across. Main character Vincent struggles with life. If you have an early mid-life crisis, Catherine is something for you. But if you dont like puzzles, you might as well make a dramatic film or series about relationships and cheating. Then youll achieve about the same thing.

This review is in collaboration with XGN.NL.