Review: Marvels Avengers

Who doesnt dream of fighting side by side with superheroes? With Marvels Avengers, a brand new action game, you can realize that dream and choose whether you want to play as Iron Man, Captain America or The Hulk.

The only question is whether the game knows how to stand in a world where the eponymous superhero films have set the bar so high.

What is it?

Marvels Avengers gives you the choice between the most famous Marvel heroes in an exciting adventure where you try to reunite the superhero group with Avengers superfan Kamala Khan. In this story, which is completely separate from the Marvel films, the most powerful heroes in the world have broken up after causing a major disaster. When Kamala finds out someone might have sabotaged the place, she sets off to reunite the heroes.

The singleplayer part of Marvels Avengers therefore emphasizes the young, Israeli heroine who gained superpowers as a result of the great disaster. Kamala is the heart and soul of the story, and her interactions with her favorite heroes deliver a big gunfactor, allowing you to easily drag yourself into the story. Kamala is cheerful, brave, smart and is also full of enthusiasm to join the culprits.

When youre done with the cool story, you can switch to the multiplayer, the main focus of the game. In it, you can choose which Avenger to play with, after which you will go on an adventure together with up to three other friends. From a team base, you can choose all kinds of missions. Some levels can be completed in about an hour, while other missions are much quicker to accomplish.

If youre not gathering a group of friends, you can also play the missions on your own. The team is then complemented by computer-controlled companions who take on the role of the other Avengers and ensure that they slowly but surely become a little stronger. By completing the missions, you can unlock more and more attacks and abilities, allowing you to customize your superheroes down to the smallest detail, and then play the most difficult storylines and multiplayer missions.

Is it what?

The idea of Marvels Avengers sounds very good at first sight, but leaves a lot to be desired in the execution. Due to many crashes and connection problems, the game feels like its being held together with some tape and rope. For example, the game slows down when the screen is filled with enemies (who lack diversity) and you fear that the game will stop suddenly. Of course, you never want to experience that.

You want to feel like your playing session can be broadcast on the screen and its the next Avengers movie. Because of all the problems, this alone is never the case, whereas in theory it is possible. The large variation in attacks and combinations and dialogues are well composed. The creators try to let their love for the superheroes shine through, but unfortunately the result is moderate. It is as if you get a hamburger without lettuce and sandwiches; it tastes fine, but there is a lot to note.

The numerous collectibles that make a nod to the rich history of Marvel comics and movies make it clear that the game is a love letter for Marvel Hearts. The same should also be the case for the locations, but they are made here and there with a cut-and-paste button, which is quite lazy. On the other hand, the cast is extremely strong because the biggest voice actors are engaged to speak in Hulk, Iron Man and Black Widow for example.

This makes it an extra pity that the game drops some stitches on a number of points. Besides bugs and glitches, the story doesnt feel right either. Although it is a touching and bombastic comic book story, nowhere is a breath taken to add some emotion to the story. Where a movie like Avengers: Endgame conveys how a character feels, Marvels Avengers goes through her story like a rollercoaster ride.

Plus- and minuses

Bombastic comic book story

Kamala radiates as Avenger

Many possibilities in gameplay With friends like the

Avengers play

Bugs and glitches

Tempo of the story

Diversity in enemies/locations


It is Its a shame that Marvels Avengers are chasing through her story at too high a pace. The bombastic superhero story that is told is incredibly fun and could even have lasted a bit longer. Kamala Khan is the heart and soul of the single player and radiates as it were between the great acting talent that the other Avengers speak. The multiplayer is also very nice when you go out with friends.

To find all bugs and glitches that at launch in the title, it just wouldnt have hurt to postpone the title for a few more months. Ultimately, the problems will be solved, because the multiplayer of Marvels Avengers is meant to be played for years to come. This will evolve over time (and hopefully improve). That is also necessary, because diversity is lacking in both enemies and locations for now.

This review is in collaboration with XGN.NL