Revita bagel went into early access and sold at a discount

The Dear Villagers publishing house announced that Benjamin Kiefers game-designer Benjamin Kiefers bagel Revita has already appeared on Steams early access. Until March 10, the game is sold with a premiere discount, you can buy it for 360 rubles. In the early access version, players open the first three districts, in which the first three bosses are waiting.

Procedural generation is responsible for making each passage look like new, and amulets will help cope with enemies: they are already one and a half hundred. In the dynamic two-stick platformer-bagel Revita us falls out the role of an unnamed boy who must climb the sinister clock tower to reclaim his memories.

On the way to this – dangerous bosses and rooms with detachments of enemies, and to cope with them, you need to increase your strength by collecting and sacrificing souls. More on CCeit Sony plans to remove PlayStation Communities By 2023 revenues from eSports will grow by 68% Viking influx continues: Valheim sales have already exceeded 5 million copies.