Rhesus & Memnon DLC for Total War Saga: Troy is Now Available

The authors of Total War Saga: Troy from Creative Assembly published a trailer dedicated to the release of the Rhesus & Memnon add-on – it is already available. Rhesus & Memnon players can play as Thracian King Rees and Ethiopian warrior Memnon โ€” each faction has unique features. powerful gods, and the second can summon reinforcements from Egypt, Ethiopia, Canaan and Susa.

In addition to playable factions and heroes, Rhesus & Memnon added 49 new units to the game. Also today, all owners of Total War Saga: Troy received a free update for the strategy.

The developers have added several new game features, including Island Trading, Instant Construction, and Settlement Abandonment settlements). More at Gambling In Destiny 2, a free event โ€œDawnโ€ started with gifts AAA, the Dr Disrespect streamer studio was named Midnight Society real time Terminator Dark Fate: Defiance.