Rhythmic Shooter BPM: Bullets Per Minute will be released on consoles on October 5

Awe Interactive and studio Playtonic Games announced the release of the shooter BPM: Bullets Per Minute on consoles โ€” release on October 5. BPM: Bullets Per Minute is a rhythmic retro shooter with bagel elements and a soundtrack in the rock opera genre. Enemy movement, shooting, and reloading weapons are all in the beat of the music, so feel the rhythm and improve your combat skills.

The game was released on PC a year ago, and the developers have updated it with new content: characters, weapons, difficulty levels, and an entire chapter to complete. Console buyers will receive all the add-ons for free.

On PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series, the game will run in 4K resolution at 60 FPS. More on Gamemania Psychological horror Chasing Static will be released on October 14 โ€” fresh trailer Former producer Splinter Cell joins Amazon Games Fantastic shooter Industria will be released on September 30 โ€” fresh trailer.