Riante lead Trump in crucial states Wisconsin and Michigan declines

UPDATE – Donald Trump‘s generous head start in the two northern states of Michigan and Wisconsin, which are all eyes on, has been visibly reversed. In Wisconsin Joe Biden is now the lead in the polls, while in Michigan it is already about the same. The neck-to-neck race has become blood-curdling.

Take a look at the results known so far in this article.

Previously, Trump seemed to have the wind in the sails. The incumbent president was assigned the swingstates Ohio, Texas and previously Florida by American media. Biden opposes Arizona, a state that went to the Republicans four years ago – at least, Fox News reports very early. The New York Times holding it’s still in the middle. In most states, the rash is more or less fixed.

That‘s why all eyes are now on Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Georgia, five major swing-states. The first two are good for 26 electors together. It is expected that important decisions can be taken there. Trump had a head start in Wisconsin, but now Joe Biden is ahead. In the meantime, 97% of the votes have been counted there.

Trump’s head start has also fallen considerably in Michigan. In the official polls it is only 0.3% (Fox) or 0.5% (NYT) while the latest results show that the two would be the same.

In Michigan, 10% of the votes still have to be counted. Those votes are mainly in the area of Wayne County with capital Detroit, where Democrats generally score better. Political analysts look at this state with great interest. In the other three swing-states everything is still open. In Pennsylvania, Trump has a 55% head start in the polls, but this is based on 75% of the votes, with mostly postal votes, usually ‘blue’, missing. In Georgia and North Carolina, Trump leads but the difference is small.

In order to win the presidential election, a candidate needs 270 or more electors. Crucial states like Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and Michigan probably need more days to count all the votes. Nevada has already indicated that it will not be able to provide an update for at least 24 hours.

Tuesday night, Donald Trump threatened to intervene and suggested that he would stop counting the votes. Before that, he goes to the Supreme Court. Trump sees โ€œfraud, โ€œhe said in a speech.


Challenger Joe Biden had put his hopes in advance on the states of Ohio and Florida to avenge the loss of his party mate Hillary Clinton in 2016. He took the lead early in both states, but the Republicans managed to catch up. Ohio is also symbolically important for Trump and his party. No Republican candidate ever became president without winning that state.

At present, according to Fox News, the intermediate stand is 238 voters for Biden, 213 for Trump. The president is very close in states where counting is slow โ€” Pennsylvania, Michigan and North Carolina โ€” but in Wisconsin, for example, the penny is swapping. Also in Nevada, the candidates go neck-and-neck.

The number of voters in these states is: Pennsylvania (20), Michigan (16), Georgia (16), North Carolina (15), Wisconsin (10) and Nevada (6).

‘Blue golf’ stays out of

anyone who was counting on a ‘blue golf’ or the Democrats‘ landslide, comes from a cold carnival home. Trump’s doing it properly. It leads to a neck-to-neck race. According to American media, he won the elections in South Carolina, Missouri and Kansas. These states provide 9, 10 and 6 electors respectively. Ohio and Florida also seem to be getting Trump on hold. Profit in the southeastern state yields Trump 29 electoral. Less surprising was Trump‘s win in Idaho. In that state there are 4 electors to earn. The results in Georgia are still waiting for a while.

Republican Donald Trump got the most votes in Texas, reporting news stations Fox News and CNN. The southern state has been going to Republican presidential candidates over the past decades. There are no fewer than 38 voters in the state, the largest number outside of Democratic California. The last Democratic presidential candidate to win in Texas was Jimmy Carter in 1976, yet some Democrats in the state openly fantasized about their candidate’s victory. That could have cost Trump the election in advance.

Biden strikes back

The Democrat Joe Biden wins in the swing state New Hampshire, predicting news channels. In that state, four electoral men can be divided. Democrate Hillary Clinton won Donald Trump in 2016. Biden also wins in California, the state where more than 10 percent of voters can be divided. The States of Washington andOregon go to the Democrat, predict American media.

But Biden will have to win even more if he wants to end up in the White House. According to Fox News, the Democrat won in Arizona (11 voters). That would be the first state to take Biden on Trump compared to the battle four years ago. While most major media were still waiting, Fox News called the Democratic candidate the winner after counting 77 percent of the votes. Biden then stood at 52.5 percent, Trump at 46.2 percent.

Preliminary results of the US presidential elections are in line with expectations in a series of states. Major news media reports that incumbent President Donald Trump can count on profits in Oklahoma (7 voters), West Virginia (5), Mississippi (6), Alabama (9), Kentucky (8), Arkansas (6), Wyoming (3), North Dakota (3), South Dakota (3), Indiana (11) and Tennessee (11). In Utah (6) Trump goes well in the lead.

Voters in Virginia (thirteen voters) and Vermont (three electors) have voted for Biden in the majority of US media. He would also lead in New York (29 voters), Illinois (20), New Jersey (14), Massachusetts (11), Maryland (10), Colorado (9), Connecticut (7), New Mexico (5), Rhode Island (4), Delaware (3), Washington D.C. (3) and Maine (2).

These outcomes do not yet contain any big surprises. None of the states were considered as ‘swing state’, as they are called the states where, according to opinion pollers, it could go in all directions. Yet the first results point in Trump‘s favor. According to several gambling sites, he is now a favorite, while Biden was by far.


In the crucial state of Florida indicate the first results at a win for Trump, reports also CNN. While 96 percent of the votes are counted, Trump is slightly ahead of its Democratic rival (51.3 percent versus 47.8 percent). The New York Times gives Trump a 95 percent chance of winning. Trump’s campaign team has already claimed victory. The last votes in the southern state, which also went to Trump in 2016, are still counted.

In North Carolina, four years ago for Trump, after catching up, the Republican is slightly ahead of the Democrat, while over 90% of the votes are counted.

Kentucky and Indiana usually vote Republican. Besides, Vice President Mike Pence is from Indiana. In West Virginia, Trump achieved his biggest victory of all US states in 2016. Over two-thirds of the voters voted for him at that time.

Decisive states

The zogheten swingstates are decisive for the outcome. This election is expected to be mainly Michigan, Pennsylvania, Arizona, Florida, Georgia and Iowa. There are still a million votes to be counted in Pennsylvania. It is expected that the outcome, which may be decisive, will be waiting for a while. In Wisconsin the results are also waiting for a while, because there was an unexpected lot of votes in Detroit. In Michigan, the results would be known on Wednesday night.