Riddles and the Strange Ship in the trailer of “1899 — Netflixs new series of “Darkness” authors

Netflix unveiled the first teaser and fresh details of the authors new series of Darkness called 1899. In the way, the characters face a second ship that was considered missing missing for many months. In an attempt to find answers, the heroes will become participants in a real nightmare full of secrets.

At the same time, the participants of the voyage will be in some way connected through their past. In addition, each of the characters of the series will speak their own language, given the country of origin of a particular character.

At least there will be French, Spanish, Polish and German. The problem with communication will become one of the thematic elements of the history.

The main role in the project is played by Emily Beecham (In the Desert of Death), and in the caste there are also Andreas Pitchman from Darkness and Miguel Bernardo from Elite . Work on 1899 started in 2018, and the work used technology Mandalorza – a kind & laquo; dome, allowing you to create a digital environment in almost real time.

At first, the authors planned to shoot the project in normal locations, but the coronavirus pandemic intervened in the case – so they had to revise their approach. but it is too early to talk about further plans.

The first season of eight episodes does not yet have a release date. More on Gambling Mortal Kombat in the US in the second week fell immediately by 73% Titanfall 2 new peak record online on Steam Wrecked a couple of frames from the upcoming trailer Battlefield 6.