Riders Republic authors talk about content for the coming year

The creators of the Riders Republic sports arcade released a fresh video, in which they talked about their plans for the coming year. The first season was called Winter Bash. As early as launch day, the Grand Opening preseason event with various multiplayer modes awaits players, and exclusive rewards will be available for completing the weekly challenges.

In addition, the season is filled with temporary events (available in multiplayer as well) with special quests. Year 1 Pass holders will receive an item pack, as well as a jet bike and jet skis &mdash ; a total of eight exotic kits will be handed out for the year.

The rest of the players will be able to experience them in live events. The second season โ€” Showdown Time โ€” has been dedicated to a 6-on-6 Showdown mode that will take place in cool arenas.

In the third season will feature BMX, new events and venues. Year 1 Pass holders will open a new career, sponsors and events, as well as another set of items.

Recall that Riders Republic is preparing for release on October 28 on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series and Xbox One. More on CCeit Tomorrow will show the trailer for the new Resident Evil Nintendo Direct film adaptation of Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released on October 15 In the first reviews Far Cry 6 is praised for spirit but scolded for self-repeating.